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Frank Hepburn
Perth, Australia

I approached Bali Property with regard to the purchase of a villa in Bali, I was introduced to Hera and the service and the genuine interest in assisting me in my efforts was outstanding. Hera was determined to find a property that was suitable to my requirements.

She researched the market and inspected properties on my behalf and after being satisfied, she had selected the correct type of properties she organized inspections. I purchased a property from her selection and for the last 8 years have enjoyed Bali in the property that was selected.

During the process of buying the property, Hera kept in touch by emailing me with any property she thought might be of interest. Hera's assistance in purchasing the property & the handling of the legal documentation was outstanding, ensuring that all legal documentation was completed in a correct and legal manner. Most importantly from the start Hera made the the process of purchasing in Bali very clear.

Claire & Stéphane DOLLMANN
Cap d'ail, France

We could not resume in a few words how pleasant it was to deal with Hera and Chandra. They have found us our dreamed land in an incredible short time.

We were impressed how quickly and precisely they understood what we were looking for. Hera made a very good selection in order to avoid us the "harrassing real estate visits". This is the first time we experienced such a pleasant "real estate hunt".

Needless to say that their kindness, professionalism and efficiency is far above our european standards. We will start soon the building with confidence as we know we can rely on their support.

Phil Hyde
Perth, Australia

I was very happy with Bali Property, very good service and the amazing depth of there knowledge of everything to do with the buying of my property. I would certainly recommend them to anybody who would be thinking of buying a house in Bali.

Also there notaris they use was also very thorough and professional and I would certainly recommend him to any body who was intending to purchases house. His knowledge certainly allayed any fears I had of buying a house in Bali because without theses professional people it can be very daunting buying a house in Bali.

Adrian McKay
Jakarta, Indonesia

I was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism from Hera and Chandra at Bali Property; their service was outstanding and I woulds certainly would trust them to assist with when I buy my next villa in Bali.
Paul and Lindsay Kentish
London, UK

We cannot rate Hera and Chandra highly enough for their professionalism and quality personal service in introducing to us a selection of suitable properties which met our brief and which resulted in a successful purchase by us.

Their selection of properties is good and their care and attention goes well beyond the point of agreement to buy.

Brian Tetlow
Glenelg East, South Australia

Although my wife and myself had visited Bali many times, the process of finding and purchasing property in Bali was a daunting task. Then we contacted Bali Property and with the help of Chandra and Hera, the daunting task became a pleasurable one.

Once we explained what we were looking for, Chandra and Hera presented us with two pages of possibilities listing all the relevant information on each property. Their total approach was certainly very professional. Something I can't say for most of the other property agents we dealt with.

When we decided on purchasing one of the properties, Chandra and Hera were most helpful in negotiating the sale and giving us the right advice in relation to Government regulations and secure purchasing of land by a foreigner.

If anyone is considering purchasing property in Bali, I can highly recommend using Bali Property. I am sure Chandra and Hera will give to you, the same personalised and professional attention they gave to us.

Dean & Yeni
Bali, Indonesia

Bali Property were true professionals. They were helpful, friendly and found us exactly what we were looking for. The details of the deal were conducted quickly and smoothly.
Sandy Swafford
Malacca, Malaysia

We purchased property in Bali. We were very satisfied with the service and local knowledge of the agents: Mr. Chandra and Ms. Hera. Would definitely do business again with them.
Kiyomi Takahashi
Bali and Japan

If you are looking for an excellent real estate property in Bali, I highly recommend you to contact Bali Property, Chandra and Hera. As you know, it is very difficult to find the reliable person in Bali for the foreigner like me. When we are the foreigners lease or buy the real estate property in Bali, we are always perplexed to the custom and the system of a different foreign country and also frighteningly because of the bad information.

Hera not only mediated a very good house to me of such a foreigner but also did kind help and various support of my daily life in Bali. Because she is mature, perceptive, outgoing and worked always standing in customer's standpoint, her performance was more than satisfactory. There might not have been my comfortable life in Bali if I didn't know Hera.

I can therefore recommend Bali Property for the people who want great life in Bali without reservation.

Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Kami (saya, istri WNI dan suami saya, WN Jepang) memutuskan untuk membeli tanah di Bali setelah memikirkan beberapa hal, terutama suami yang sangat mencintai Pulau Bali. Dimulai dengan mencari informasi di internet dan akhirnya bertemu dengan Bali Property, sehingga kami saling kontak dengan Ibu Hera dan Bapak Chandra.

Tahap awal yakni dari melihat lokasi tanah dari internet, dilanjuti dengan penawaran beberapa alternatif pilihan yang diajukan Ibu Hera, selanjutnya setelah ada lokasi yang sesuai dengan pilihan kami, suami saya pergi ke Bali untuk melihat langsung lokasi tanah, tentunya dengan diantar Ibu Hera dan Bapak Chandra. Setelah melihat langsung lokasi, suami saya yang dari awal sudah tertarik dengan lokasi itu, langsung mengadakan transaksi jual-beli dengan pihak Bali Property.

Pelayanan yang diberikan oleh Bali Property menurut kami bagus, memuaskan dengan cara kerja mereka yang profesional. Terima kasih kepada Bali Property, semoga di masa mendatang dapat terus bekerja sama dengan baik. (Ditulis oleh istri: Nela Ishikawa).

Tomy Siddharta
Munich, Germany

Lieber Chandra und Hera,

Hätte ich Euch vor 2 Jahre nicht kennengelernt dann stehe ich heute noch in Bali und sucht immer noch nach eine sehr passender Grundstück.

Eure leistung und die Umgang mit Kunden hinterließ ein sehr guten eindrucke. Wenn heute jemand bei mir fragen, ob ich in Bali über Immobillien auskenne, dann gibt für mich nur ein, BaliProperty.com. Da werden Sie wie ein König geholfen.

Nick Wheeler

Yanti and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you & Hera for finding the lovely piece of land for us in Canggu. Your company had a very good understanding of our requirements and your friendly service and endless patience in showing us many different plots was much appreciated. Buying property in Indonesia for a foreigner can be quite a daunting prospect but we felt very confident of a successful outcome with the coordination and guidance that you offered throughout the entire purchase.

I'm positive that if we decide to buy any other types of property in Bali or Lombok that we will ask you to manage everything for us again. Likewise if we ever decide to sell our property your company will be our first choice as broker.

Yamashita Aiko
Sapporo, Japan

Peter J. Knox
Sapporo, Japan

I can highly recommend Hera and Chandra for property matters in Bali. I am an Australian who visited Bali for 17 nights in August 2004. I searched several properties on the internet before arrival, and stayed in Kumala Pantai (recommended) for my first two nights. On my 1st full day in Bali I hired a driver and visited several hotels and villas, about 20 in total. I found that even following significant discounts by several places, the property Hera recommended before my arrival was easily the best value for money. I stayed there for 15 wonderful nights.

Bali Property also helped when I got into trouble. Once I stupidly left my bankcard in a teller machine. Upon hearing this, Chandra located the card for me at a central Denpasar bank and Hera drove me to collect it. Great service beyond their responsibility.

Bali Property is an exciting new company and I wish Chandra and Hera the best of success. I highly recommend their company and services and welcome people's inquiries about my stay and experience with them.

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