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Property Regulations:
How Foreigners can own land or
   other properties in Bali?
A Brief Guide for Foreigners or
   Overseas Buyers.
Our Advise for purchasing land
   or other properties in Bali.

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Property Rental and Management

Foreigners purchasing land in Bali, should protect their interests by putting the following documentation in place:

Please consult with the Notary in regard to the Hak Pakai option. Although this option is similar to a long term lease, it may suit your needs better than the use of a nominee.

If using a nominee, the following documents should signed with your nominee, prior to the purchase:
  1. Mortgage Agreement - Cost: 1% mortgage value for Notary; 1% of total mortgage value for BPN land affairs office.
  2. Power of Attorney - granting exclusive rights to Mortgager to release the Mortgage.
  3. Financial Loan Agreement.
  4. Power of Attorney for all rights to the land.
  5. Statement Letter - outlining proof of payment for the property.
  6. Statement of Indemnity (for nominee).
  7. Power of Attorney for IMB - authority for Building Permit.
  8. Statement Letter - No second mortgage.
  9. Lease Agreement - granting the purchaser 25 years lease plus an automatic extension of 25 years (added security) - Cost: 1% of lease value.
If you need help or have any question regarding owning property in Bali, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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